Shocker! Employees Say Tyra Is A Tyrant

Now that Tyra Banks has announced this season of “The Tyra Show” will be her last, disgruntled employees are bitching to the gossip rags about their “difficult” supermodel boss. “There had been high turnover of employees for years,” a source told New York Daily News, dishing that the show allegedly had a lot of unhappy employees during the five years on air. “She and the higher-ups on the production staff could be extremely brutal … She really is a diva.” Another source added, “Everything had to be done Tyra’s way.” Somehow we don’t find these shocking allegations too hard to believe.But in fairness to TyTy, she did snag two Daytime Emmy awards for her talk show. (Not to mention her other gig, “America’s Next Top Model,” is in its gajillionth season.) Maybe being a “diva” just means knowing what you want. Besides, most high-level bosses are finicky and demanding—and that goes double if the boss is a celeb who’s used to having her ass kissed! [NY Daily News]