Lindsay Lohan’s New Clothes Line Sketches Are In!

Joy! Lindsay Lohan is bringing her “designing talents” to yet another platform. She’s just announced that her 6126 line, which sold only leggings, will soon include a full range of dresses, jackets, tops, and vests. (Apparently, 6126, despite its laughable attempt at serious fashion through leggings, did quite well in business.) LiLo is quite excited about this new direction, and is, in fact, even desperate for you to know about it, so she tried to do a bit of her own PR by posting to Twitter yesterday: “i need MORE followers i am so sad about this, how can i tell everyone about my 6126 full collection COMING OUT! all clothing.”

First look at the sketches for the expanded 6126 shows drawings that look like they could have possibly been done by Lohan herself with a sort of middle school illustrative feeling. Looks like the wares will be a bit like Lohan—vixen-like with a touch of Hollywood trash. Think suede studded bustiers, skin-tight minis with exposed zippers, and cropped leather jackets. Check out a few more pics after the jump and tell us what you think! [WWD]