Karl Lagerfeld Doesn’t Have An Intense Social Life

In a rare longer interview, Karl Lagerfeld opens up to CNN about some of the things you’ve always wondered about him, but maybe never had the guts to ask (well, if you happen to be a lucky fashion reporter). In this clip, Lagerfeld is preparing for a fashion show in China to celebrate the first Chanel store opening there. Some highlights: When people come up to him and say “I’m your biggest fan,” he responds, “Oh yeah, do you know where the store is?” If Coco could see what he’s done with the label what would she say? “She’d hate it!” And what’s up with the sunglasses? “I like to be hidden.” Wow, guess that one was an obvious answer. The reporter keeps on her toes, but we can’t help but watch these two on screen and think that Karl’s just plain disgusted with his interviewer’s boho embroidered so-not-fashion shirt. [CNN]