Fitting Into Old Jeans Is More Important Than Sex?

Sometimes you read the results of certain lady studies and wonder where the hell they found these women. While we get how it’s cool to fit into your old skinny jeans — if only because it’s like finding a new pair of pants in your own closet — we wouldn’t really say it’s better than making sweet, sweet love. But according to some Special K cereal-commissioned poll, more than a quarter of 2,200 women said fitting into an old pair of jeans again would feel better than sex.

“Asked how managing to put them back on would feel, 29.1 percent said ‘better than sex’, 28.9 percent thought it would beat a promotion and one in ten said it would beat a marriage proposal.”

Seriously?The one part of the study we can relate to is that 35 percent of these denim-obsessed ladies surveyed admitted to owning a pair of “trophy” jeans they used to fit into and kept in case they would again. We get that. (Also, handy to have wide legs around for when the skinny-leg jean craze finally ends, which we’re sure is any day now.) But prizing that above sex, a better job situation and/or getting proposed to? Come on Special K, nice try, but no woman in her right mind is gonna agree enough to buy your “diet” cereal. [Daily Mail]