Could You Give Up Your Beauty Products For Home Remedies?

The challenge: substitute every single “normal” product in your beauty routine for an all-natural, possibly edible, old-fashioned beauty recipe—oh, and no makeup! One brave woman is trying to do just that, and after a week of substituting odor-eating baking soda, apple cider vinegar rinses/milk rather than shampoo/conditioner, and using lemon and apple cider vinegar as a facial wash, things aren’t looking pretty (see her very frustrated shot, above). Not only is she breaking out, but she stinks. Like, seriously smelly stinks — her husband said she stunk like a “salty carny” (ha!) and he “feels bad for [her] face.” Here’s the first-week hair report: “Vinegar smells like, well, vinegar, and no matter how much I rinse, the smell will not come out of my hair. I spent twenty minutes in the shower the other night rinsing, and when I got out, my husband went ‘Phew, you been eating fish and chips with malt vinegar in here?’ And using milk as a daily conditioner only ups the smell factor…” Ew. As much as fashion and beauty magazines tell me that mixing up a honey and oatmeal goop and slathering it on my face is as great as whatever the department or drugstore has to offer, I just don’t believe them—and this is proof why. [BellaSugar]