Letter Claims Tiger Woods Got Hit In Mouth With A Golf Club And Is Recovering From Plastic Surgery

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Is Tiger Woods hiding from the public eye because Elin Nordegren busted him in the face so bad with a golf club that he had to fly to Phoenix for plastic surgery?

That’s what a letter posted on the gossip blog Hollywood Interrupted is claiming. Blogs Gawker and Deadspin both say the letter is a hoax, as it is supposedly written by a close confidante of Woods’ agent, who also happens to be one of Woods’ neighbors. Probably true—hoaxes are hot right now! Anyway, the dirtiest dirt, after the jump …The mysterious letter claims that on the night of the incident, Nordegren found a text message and possibly photos from his mistress Rachel Uchitel on Woods’ phone and went ballistic. To quote:

“At one point Tiger turned away to look at the TV, and as he turned back, Elin hit him on the right side of the face with the head of a 9-iron. When she struck Tiger, she put a huge gash in the right side of his face next to his nose (causing his nose to bruise some), and virtually knocking two of his upper teeth out, and breaking the bone on the upper right side.”

The letter claims Woods then flew off to Phoenix for plastic surgery to repair the damage to his face and that’s why he didn’t talk to cops. (That might explain why during the repeated times cops came by the Woods home hoping to speak with him, they didn’t see him face-to-face and were told he was napping. But at some point, Woods would have had to have been squired away from his mansion to get to an airport, and you’d think the paparazzi that descended on his house would have noticed that.) Why Phoenix, though? Random.

Lastly, this letter ‘o dirt claims Tiger is currently staying someplace in Florida called Bay Hill while he and Elin are doing crazy-intense marital counseling. “Yes, Elin has retained a divorce attorney, but has not filed any papers, and as of yesterday had no intention on doing so,” the letter says.

You can read the full letter on Deadspin’s website—and take it with an ENORMOUS grain of salt, as always.