Good Riddance To 2009!

Yesterday marked the third annual Good Riddance Day in Times Square where the public was welcomed to “say goodbye, once and for all, to those bad memories of 2009.” Participants were invited to “write their bad memories on stationery available on-site” and then destroy them in available shredders. Giant dumpsters were provided for all the emotional — and literal — baggage that couldn’t fit in a shredder. Since the event lasted only an hour (12 to 1 p.m.) and happened in just one specific location, many of us didn’t have the chance to exorcise our demons. So, how ’bout we do it right here, right now? Let’s all type out the crap we want to leave behind as we start a new decade. We may not be able to shred them, but we can all agree that as soon as we publish our words, they no longer hold us back. After the jump, the top three things I’m leaving behind in 2009. 1. Debt.
Between credit cards and student loans, I began the year over 65K in debt (!!!), and through my own tenacity and the generosity of my husband, I end the year completely debt-free. I’ll never have that kind of debt again (well, excluding the purchase of an apartment eventually), and it feels really, really wonderful to have that monkey off my back.

2. Flab.
I’m going to get in shape again in 2010. This time I really mean it!!!

3. Bachelorette-hood.
I don’t consider being a bachelorette a “bad memory,” so I suppose it doesn’t really fit as something I want to shred and forget about, but I can’t overlook that 2009 was the year I got married and left behind my single years “until death do us part.” I loved being single, and I loved living with my boyfriend before we got hitched, but now that we’ve been married for five months I can say that I love this stage of my life the best so far.

What are you leaving behind in 2009?