Free Vacation To Test An Experimental Diarrhea Drug? It’s Poo-fect!

Weather report from my Blogging HQ in New Jersey: It’s 23 degrees outside but feels like six and 40-mph wind gusts are whipping around. Lovely! A tropical vacation would be sweet right about now. Even a tropical vacation where I had to sacrifice my nether regions to test an experimental diarrhea drug. Luckily for some adventurous Europeans, Intercell, a U.S. vaccine manufacturer, needs 1,800 folks from Germany and the U.K. to vacation in Mexico or Guatemala—two places where foreigners often get the runs after drinking the local water—and test out their experimental poo drug. Guinea pigs must be between the ages of 18 and 64, stay in their destination at least one week, and keep a poo diary for 17 days. (Alas, travelers who have already had diarrhea while traveling in a developing country in the past year are not allowed!) Those who are chosen will receive $1,500 to cover the cost of airfare and hotels for pooping, I mean, participating.

The good news is a previous study with American guinea pigs said the poo drug reduced panicked visits to the bathroom by 75 percent—not bad odds! Anyone … anyone? [BBC]