Chinese Shopping Center Creates A Parking Lot Just For Chicks!

China either thinks its women are the crappiest drivers on earth or someone thought up the most obnoxious publicity stunt ever: a women-only parking lot with “special” features for us gals. Parking a car is so hard, guys!

A shopping center in the city of Shijiazhuang features parking spaces three feet wider than normal (um, male?) spaces, extra lighting in the bays, and female parking attendants to guide women drivers into their spaces. Does it surprise you this Vag-Park-eria is all pink and purple, too? An official told the AFP news agency that the big pink parking lot hopes to appeal to women’s “strong sense of color and different sense of distance.” Really? “Different sense of distance”? Sounds to me like they’re just exploiting the stereotype that women are poor drivers and then treating women like we’re helpless. Seriously, if I drove to the mall and someone tried to coax me into my giant parking space as if I’m a total dingbat, I’d have to restrain myself from flipping her pink-and-purple ass the bird. [BBC]