Who Do You Shop With?

It’s the season for post-holiday super sales and like all of us, celebs are out taking advantage of the slashed prices—check out Charlize Theron with her mom at BCBG and Renee Zellweger has been seen out with boyfriend Bradley Cooper’s mother too. I’m planning on hitting up a few sales in the next few days (got those holiday gift cards burning a hole in my pocket, after all!), but, personally, I loathe shopping with anyone but me, myself and I. Every single time I used to hit the stores with friends (as in a group), I’d end up buying some not-at-all-me piece of clothing or spurge on something I really didn’t want in the first place. My head gets clouded and I succumb to group-shop-think—my budget is never the same as a friend’s and I hate the feeling that seems to sneak up on me that I need to buy something, anything, in order to feel a part of the group. (Yes, I’m weak when we’re talking subconscious shopping peer pressure.) Forget about shopping with my boyfriend. I always feel rushed because, predictably, he’s not that thrilled with camping out in the shoe department at Bergdorf’s for an hour and a half and lets me know it after the first 20 minutes. And, well, my mother and I have such different styles that neither of us likes what the other does. What about you guys — who do you shop with?