Today’s Lady News: Boomer Ladies Love Their Books

  • Power to the lady boomers! In the first nine months of 2009, women ages 43 to 61 were the single biggest book buyers, followed by women ages 20 to 30. There’s bad news, though: the crappy economy has led 68 percent of women surveyed to cut their book purchases, meaning all your writer friends are probably poor. [Publisher’s Weekly]
  • For a book author Sarah Palin isn’t doing too shabby: Going Rogue has sold over one million copies. Palin’s tour for Going Rogue recently wrapped up with a book signing in her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska. [Alaska Daily News]
  • The Washington Post is still fixated on the 2008 election and why younger women didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton. Um, because we liked Barack Obama (or John McCain) better?[Washington Post]

  • Female soldiers have to deal with the same kind of creeps the rest of us have to deal with, except in a war zone. [NY Times]
  • Female short story writers have been rather successful at awards shows lately. Could it be short stories better suit the busy schedules of women writers? [Guardian UK]
  • D.C. boasts its own version of “The Vagina Monologues” for men called “Deez Nuts,” about love, war, homosexuality and fatherhood. I can see it now: “What will you be seeing at the theater tonight?” “Deez Nuts!” [The Sexist]
  • Sonia Friedman, the theater producer who’s bringing “Legally Blonde” to London’s West End, dishes about her love for Elle Woods. “I sort of identified with Elle. It’s embarrassing, but I did,” Friedman said. “Because Elle is a great role model for women. She shows that there’s nothing wrong with wearing pretty clothes and lipstick, while still being a strong woman.” [Telegraph UK]