The It Boot Of The Season Costs $1295, And It’ll Never Go On Sale

If you haven’t heard of Isabel Marant yet, we wouldn’t blame you. While fashion insiders have been obsessed with her cool boho dresses and French schoolgirl cardigans for years now (when editors trek to Paris for the collections, her shop is a must-stop destination), she’s remained largely unknown in the States and for a very deliberate reason: She has no stores in the U.S., and the few retailers who carry her are forbidden to sell her items online. By limiting the availability of her products, she keeps the kind of customers who care desperately about exclusivity hooked, and it works. In fact, what many consider the “it” shoe of the season are these Otway studded ankle boots, and due to a masterful game of hard-to-get, not only are the $1,295 shoes almost completely sold out, we’ll never see them on any clearance racks. Of course, all of this may be about to change: Not only is Marant opening a boutique in New York in early 2010, come spring the masses can access her on Until then, you’re welcome to join the rabid Otway boots maniacs on eBay. [WSJ]