NY Times Realizes Fashion Bloggers Matter — Three Months Late

Given that it was printed in a newspaper, the New York Times piece “Bloggers Crash the Front Row” was rather generous towards fashion blogs, acknowledging that we provide an of-the-moment service that magazines simply cannot. I’m not going to bother telling you that fashion blogs matter, because you’re blog readers and you already know that. It’s just ironic that The Times’ capitulation to the bloggers perfectly encapsulated the very reason why online fashion publications are trampling print media in the first place: timeliness.

While it is true that fashion bloggers sat in the front row at various fashion shows, that was in September. As in almost four months ago. As in this has already been widely noted online. Yet, in swoops The New York Times as 2010 rolls around, there to make the power of the blogger “official.” Oh please. Innovative fashion blogs have been doing work similar to and more interactive than magazines for years at this point. Some of them–like heavyweight Fashion Toast, The Sartorialist and Sea of Shoes–even routinely post editorial-quality shots produced in days rather than months. So while I more or less agree with Elle editor Anne Slowey’s take that 13-year-old blogger Tavi is “a bit gimmicky,” the kid does not represent fashion bloggers in general, most of whom are popular for more than their young age and general adorableness.

So thank you, New York Times, for the validation. But maybe try telling us something we didn’t already know.

[Also in this issue of the Times is a breaking story on Lady Gaga being a fashion muse. I’m so serious. — Editor]