Jon Gosselin’s Apartment Gets Trashed, Letter (And Knife!) Left Behind

Someone hates Jon Gosselin more than we do: TV’s douchebaggiest dad had his NYC apartment “ransacked” over the Christmas weekend!

According to TMZ, Gosselin returned to his apartment on Saturday and found his shoes, shirts, luggage, bed, curtain, rugs all “slashed.” So, he got all those heinous Ed Hardy tee shirts ripped up? What’s the problem? Well, the perpetrator did some real damage, too. In the Great Apartment Trashing of ’09, Gosselin also suffered the loss of his Nintendo Wii, a CD player, a coffee maker, pots, pans, and a vase. Worst of all for Jon, his TV was damaged, so he can’t even soak up the glory of his personal drama unfolding on television.

Now here’s the crazy part: amidst the melee, a letter was “speared” onto Gosselin’s dresser with a friggin’ butcher knife. The note was allegedly signed by his ex-girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, who used to live in the apartment, and it called Gosselin a “cheater.”

Now, anyone who dated Jon Gosselin isn’t going to be a rocket scientist. But Glassman can’t be so dumb she signed her name to a letter basically ‘fessing up to inflicting $100K of damage on someone’s home. Sounds to me like a sister is getting framed!

Let’s also consider the prevailing theory on Dlisted: Gosselin busted up his own apartment to get more publicity. A likelier story …

Anyway, someone should really tell this douche that this holiday season, he’ll have to share the limelight with a Nigerian terrorist who tried to blow up an airplane with firecrackers. Sorry, dude! [TMZ, TMZ, Dlisted]