Could You Be Sitting On A Fashion Gold Mine?

The one upside to being a clothes hoarder is that you might keep stuff around for so long that it’s come in and out of fashion and is subsequently worth bank in value. So if you happen to have a pair of Nikes from your childhood, listen up: Vintage Air Jordans from the ’80s are now collectors’ items and can fetch anywhere from a couple hundred bucks to thousands of dollars at auctions, depending on the model and condition. According to Forbes, there’s a bastion of sneakerheads out there scooping up rare shoes, many of them making a business out of it through resale. Could you imagine suddenly finding out those kicks at the back of your closet are worth something? It would be like the best episode ever of “Antiques Roadshow.” [Forbes]

So what else in your closet could earn you some cash? We hit eBay to track the bestsellers in the vintage section and found that some surprising items held value:

  • Perhaps obvious, but other vintage sneakers can be quite valuable. “Deadstock” is the word that will get you the gold, so if you have any vintage Adidas or Vans that you know aren’t produced anymore, you could potentially grab a few hundred dollars for a pair.
  • Furs in good condition tend to retain value, especially if they’re made of mink or fox.
  • Rare pairs of Levis or Wrangler jeans.
  • First-rate designer goods can sometimes be worth more than their original purchase price. Collectors are crazy for Chanel purses, which even when vintage, can go for $3,000. Other prime labels include Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Hermès. The item has to be in good condition, yet, more importantly, authentic. Having a certificate of authenticity will increase credibility, but you should learn about marks of authenticity by the label to be able to make a case to the buyer.
  • Purses that showcase real craftsmanship whether through antique or embroidered fabrics, beading, or metalwork.
  • Vintage hard-case leather luggage (even better if it’s designer).
  • Rare concert t-shirts from the ’60s and ’70s. Artists that fetch a high value: The Grateful Dead, Blondie, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Led Zeppelin.