Boo! Tyra Banks Is Ending “The Tyra Show” This Year

Bummer, dude! Tyra Banks has announced that after five years of fierceness, this season of “The Tyra Show” will be her last. No more period shows? No more slut-shaming sexually active teen girls? No more women who hit their boyfriends? No more trampling fetishes? And worst of all, no more “smeyesing“? Whatever will we watch on daytime TV now?TyTy announced she’s quitting “The Tyra Show” to focus on her film production company, Bankable Studios, which an industry insider said aims to bring “positive images of women to the big screen.” Well, if Tyra’s “positive images of women on the big screen” are half as entertaining as the hot messes she’s shown us on the little screen, we won’t suffer for long. [People]

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