Erin’s Best Posts Of 2009

While there are still a few days left in 2009, we’re going to feature some of our best and favorite posts from the last year. Each of your regular Frisky bloggers has picked out her 10 favorite posts from 2009—some you may remember well, others might have slipped past your radar. Either way, we hope you’ll relive the best of The Frisky in 2009. Here’s the best of our super stylish Erin!

What His Underwear Says About Him

“Much like learning a dude’s astrological sign, his underoos speak volumes about what kind of guy he really is, and, more importantly, what kind of equipment he’s working with.”

7 Cute Dresses That Have Pockets Too

“Goddamn we love it when a dress comes with pockets, don’t you? Click through for seven we’re craving right now.”

Girl Talk: Why You Should Probably Avoid Getting Back Together With An Ex

“If anyone ever had a reason not to get back with an ex, I did. He was the quintessential on-and-off Bad Boyfriend and not only were all my friends painfully aware of this fact, when he dumped me on the same day my father died (think Jessica and Tony birthday sitch x 10), then again after a similar life tragedy, it had finally become clear to me as well.”

5 New Tattoo Suggestions For Megan Fox

“Megan Fox can class it up all she wants on the red carpet, but no matter how many stylists pour her into fancy gowns, we can’t stop staring at the travesty that is that trashy, generic Marilyn Monroe stamp on her arm.”

Less Is More: Simcha Goes From Rockabilly To Girl Next Door

“Simcha rocks a very distinct look on a daily basis—eyeshadow and cat eyeliner, ruby red lips, plenty of bling and a pompadour. And she looks rad. But when she told us that the only people who’ve seen her sans the war paint are her bedfellows, we decided it was time for a make-under, just so she’d have a look to bust out on days when she wants to sleep in and stuff.”

When It Comes To Fashion Erotica, There’s Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

“If you’re not familiar with Viva (chances are it was a little before your time), and if you love fashion that toes the porn edge, it’s worth an eBay or vintage magazine shop search. Viva was the female version of Penthouse in a way (it was owned by Bob Guccione), but unlike say, a trashy Playgirl type of approach, it was as classy as it gets.”

How Bikram Yoga Is Making Me One Of “Those People”

“I was a serious ballet dancer until the age of 18, and I ran and practiced some yoga in college. But since moving to New York almost a decade ago, let’s just say my workout history can best be summed up as ‘slightly cloudy with a chance of pizza.’
So how the hell did I become the kind of person who is highly optimistic about doing one of those disturbing-sounding hot yoga for 30 days challenges?””

Shocker! Kate Moss Looks Different Before And After Airbrushing

“Admonishing Kate for leading a ‘hedonistic lifestyle,’ they gather a team of experts who scrutinize her aging process from head to toe. They address the acne scar on her chin, the state of the back of her hands, her ‘droopy’ jawline, her less-than-perfect tummy, and the fact that if she’s had any Botox injected, ‘it’s worn off.’
Sheesh! Isn’t this all a bit much? It’s certainly the ultimate in objectification.”

The Slutty Halloween Costume Shopping Guide!

“If you’re more of a ‘if ya can’t beat ‘em, might as well join ‘em’ type, click through for the top ‘sexy costumes’ and get inspired by the racy items you need to pull the look off.”

Please, Whatever You Do, Don’t Buy Someone A Fancy Christmas Puppy

“What better gift could one receive on Christmas morning than a gorgeous, yummy, adorable baby dog? But I know now that there’s a truly ugly side to what seems like such a sweet notion and the demand for shiny new purebred pups it creates.”