Jewish Girl Seeks “Goyfriend” for Christmas

Up until I was six years old, my family celebrated Christmas. Although both of my parents are Jewish, our family was not particularly religious. They just thought Christmas was a fun holiday for kids. I still fondly remember my Miss Piggy star ornament sparkling atop the tree. Ahh, memories.In 1984, we moved to a new town in a new state and joined a synagogue. As December rolled around, there was no tree, just a menorah in the kitchen and a pile of Hanukkah presents in the corner of the living room. Don’t get me wrong: The latkes were tasty, the gifts were just as good … but I missed believing in Santa. Had he and Rudolph abandoned me forever? While I still joined in the secular festivities at school (singing carols at holiday concerts, making wreaths, Secret Santa games), December 24th and 25th were inevitably a letdown. Read more

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