What’s The Best Holiday Dish You Chowed Down On?

Ah, the holiday season! It’s full of presents, family, and best of all food, lots and lots of food. And it’s not your average fare. At parties people really bust out their best recipes. Fat intake flies out the window, and my diet becomes basically, cream, butter, sugar, and pork. Mmm! Although I can’t really cook, I can really eat. While I thought I had basically conquered deliciousness with the yummy stuff I’d eaten to date, this year I ate my way to the peak of perfect mouthfuls. A family friend brought over her honey scallops wrapped in bacon. There are no words in the English language to describe the crispy flavor explosion that those bites brought. Heck, I’d probs give up sex in exchange for a lifetime supply. Is that crazy? Honey, if loving bacon is wrong, I don’t wanna be right! Now, what was the most mind-blowingly awesome thing you ate during the holidays this year?