In Bed With … Jake Gyllenhaal

December 19, 1980 in Los Angeles, CA
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Gemini
Mercury: Sagittarius
Venus: Sagittarius
Mars: Capricorn

Love Style:

Jake loves to have fun and stay active. Although he may come across a bit ADD when it comes down to relationships, at the heart of it, he is an idealist that is always up for an adventure. To him, love is about having someone to pal around with, discover the world and keep him entertained with philosophical conversations, physical challenges and never ending curiosities that inspire him, yet also can offer him a sense of structure. While he might be dreamier about his approach to relationships than realistic, what he does offer is a never-ending source of positive energy and enthusiasm. Sure, he does have that independent loner thing about him too, which can make him moody at a drop of a hat for unknown reasons, but that is his own thing and while a little bit of conflict can add a little spice, in the case of Jake and his love affairs, his hot/cold tendencies can easily be quelled if his partner is someone that gains dominance fast, because as it goes, he does tend to be fickle, but with the right master, he behaves superbly.

Sex Style:

Jake is a physical guy that loves a workout, so went it comes to sex; he’s no in and out job. He’s all for thrashing about and breaking a sweat — and while finesse and gentleness may not be included, in time with some direction he will fall into line, but only if you have what it takes, as in energy, creativity, stamina and spontaneity, will he obey. Otherwise, he does have a short attention span and with anything he doesn’t like, he won’t put out any extra effort to make it work. For him, he needs to be inspired and overwhelmed immediately and constantly. Only when someone proves to be able to raise his interest in that way will he start to make sex about two, instead of just himself and only then will one get to his creamy nougat inside.

His Type:

Obvious only an athlete of some sort could keep up with this boy properly, as his main interest in life is being one with nature and being able to run about, explore and go on extreme physical adventures, all the while maintaining a intellectual curiosity about anything that makes his mind wander off deeper into the meaning of it all. While looks aren’t his top concern in finding love, he does like them cute — but because one’s personality is so electric and it beams out of them. For him, it’s all about the brains, their openness towards life and the energy he can feed off, as he is all about pursing a mental and spiritual ideal. If they can teach him a few things, even better, as he thrives in a relationship of learning — which means he would also do well with someone older, or at the least, much smarter. Yes, for Mr. G. love and life is not worth living, unless there is something to strive for.

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