Blogging Is The Best Revenge

You know who’s not having a very Merry Christmas? The guy kissing the hot chick on the left. His name is Carmelo and for three months he was carrying on an affair with the hot chick (her name is Sheryl), even though he had a girlfriend. Sheryl, who writes a blog called “Musings of an Irate Commuter,” did not know Carmelo had a girlfriend. You see, their love story started out oh-so-romantically. Carmelo posted a “Missed Connection” ad about her, after crushing on her during the train ride to work every morning. Sheryl actually saw the ad on Craigslist and responded, and the rest, as they say, is history. Well, sort of…Sheryl and Carmelo got to know each other, made out on on the way to work, and spent many nights in bed together. The whole time Carmelo kept his girlfriend a secret, but Sheryl got suspicious. Then her suspicions were confirmed and Sheryl got her revenge, by posting a letter to Carmelo on her blog, detailing every aspect of infidelity, complete with photos that will come in handy when she contacts Carmelo’s girlfriend and clues her in to what a douchebag her boyfriend really is. Read the whole awe-inspiring opus here — and then be a little more wary when skimming the Missed Connections for your own secret admirer. [Musings of an Irate Commuter]