The Matzo Ball: Get A Hanukkah Hangover For Christmas

Are you single, Semetic, and ready to mingle? Well, do I have the party for you, girl! The Matzo Ball. What are your plans for Christmas Eve — eat Chinese food and watch “The Notebook” again? Well, screw that! Slip into a bangin’ outfit and head to a celebration packed with more tribe members than Boca Raton in the winter. The Matzoh Ball is like a real-life version of JDate with alcohol and DJs (don’t worry, cooler ones than at your Bat Mitzvah). The Balls are happening in major cities across North America, tickets are $25 bucks for a night of dry humping some chosen peeps on the dance floor, and let me tell you, it’s money well spent. I went last year and did some things my Rabbi would not call kosher. But he was fun and circumcised — bonus! So, turn that “I wish I celebrated Christmas” frown upside down and break yourself off a piece of that Matzo Ball! [The Matzo Ball]