Frisky Staff Members’ New Year’s Style Resolutions

Every year we promise ourselves that things will be different in the months to come. “This year,” we say, hands in the air, in a triumphant sort of gesture, “I will say no to the chain smoking, late nights and that entire box of donuts. I will read! I will go back to yoga! Three times a week!” Then, no sooner has the first week of January come and gone before we’re back on our asses simultaneously smoking and consuming said entire box of donuts for no particular reason. So this year, screw it. Instead of countless personal vows that will fall by the wayside within weeks, we’re going to make some sartorial promises we can actually keep.

Personally, I plan to flat-out stop buying high-waisted, puffy skirts in favor of a more fitted variety. I’ve recently started wearing pencil skirts more often and pretty much everyone I know seems to think I’ve lost 20 pounds, prompting the switch as well as vague concern that all of my friends are incapable of discerning between a voluminous skirt and a disproportionately large ass. But I digress. Take the jump for New Year’s clothing resolutions from the rest of The Frisky staff, and join us for an increasingly stylish 2010!

I just bought some Moon Boots so I can stomp around in snow looking like an astronaut. But they require dress-lovin’ me to wear leggings. So, next year I resolve to make leggings look good on my big badonkadonk!” Simcha

I vow to only buy clothes I LOVE. If I haven’t worn something within seven days, I’m bringing it back. I’m serious about this!Kate

Last night I ordered my beloved Marc Jacobs ruffle booties that were 50 percent off on ShopBop — my New Year’s resolution is to figure out how to rock the hell out of them. Also, to try to wear more skirts. Annika and Catherine always wear skirts and look so cute, but I always feel like I look weird in them.Amelia (For the record, I’ve seen Amelia in a skirt, and she most definitely does not look “weird.”)

My style resolution is to wear 90 percent of the clothes in my closet. I actually have tons of cute pieces—mostly vintage stuff I’ve hunted down at estate sales in Connecticut—that I never wear! It’s time to break out of my rut and wear all the great pieces I’ve collected.Jessica

I’d like to figure out something to do with my hair. I’ve been growing out a banged bob for almost a year, and it always looks mussed and sloppy.Catherine

I resolve to wear all the clothing in my closet that still has tags on it, which should get me out of my fashion rut.Annika

My style resolution is to stop buying harem pants and other baggy, androgynous clothes that don’t look good on me. While I don’t think my Japanesey Belgian aesthetic will shift, I’ve got to stop draping myself in fabric garbage bags. And I’m going to stop buying into the crappier designer collaborations. I don’t usually fall for them, but sometimes I’ll find myself looking at a Whomever For H&M or Target item and consider it, when, if it didn’t have a designer label attached to it, I would never even think about it.Erin

What sort of style changes will you be making next year?