Amy Winehouse’s Most Embarassing Moments Of 2009

Oh Amy Winehouse, you sure are a hot mess and an unending source of entertainment. Recently, the singer tried to get in touch with her inner child by going to a pantomime production of “Cinderella.” She started off right, sitting in the audience with a bunch of kids. But things deteriorated when she started shouting profanities at the cast. When the staff tried to remove her from the sea of upset kids, she allegedly kicked the front-of-house manager in the balls. She also bled all over Anthea Turner, who played the Fairy Godmother, while saying, “I love you, Anthea, sticky-back plastic, I love you.” Sticky-back plastic? There’s a pet name I bet you’ve never heard. [PopEater]

Amy sure is original. Even during a year when she finally went to rehab, she managed to amuse us tremendously. After the jump, some of her other, err, original moments.

  • In an attempt to clean it up, Winehouse took an 8-month vacay in St. Lucia. There, she allegedly traded heroin, crack, and cocaine for tequila—lots of it. Enough to land her in the hospital multiple times. There was a bright spot on the horizon, though. While she was on the island, Amy befriended a 6-year-old local girl. We hoped this little girl could teach Amy a few things about maturity, but alas.
  • After they tried to make her go to rehab and she said no, no, no, Amy set her sights on a healthier addiction—plastic surgery. Her new boobies, which occasionally just fall out of her shirt, are so big even daddy Winehouse was talking about them. After that, she plumped up her lips and admitted that she wanted butt implants. I have butt implants — it’s called … eating!
  • Talk about making the same mistake twice! Amy finally divorced her drug-addled, man-whore hubby, Blake Fielder-Civil. But then thought, wait, that’s healthy behavior! Quick-thinking Winehouse is working fast to remedy the situation. The two are rumored to be getting back together. That’s right, Amy, one step forward, a gazillion steps back.
  • Then there was the time crazy Winehouse allegedly socked fan Sherene Flash in the eye. Flash’s crime? Asking for a photo. The nerve!