Crazy Woman Arrested For Threatening To Kill Michelle Obama

Kristy Lee Roshia is not in the Christmas spirit. Last month, she called the Boston Secret Service and told some poor receptionist she had plans to “blow away” Michelle Obama. “I will kill Michelle Obama,” she said. “I will kill Marines.” This weekend, Roshia took things further and was arrested two miles away from the Hawaii vacation home where the Obamas will spend the holidays this week. She is being charged with threatening a family member of the president—and with assaulting a federal agent, since she struck one in the arms and face when they caught her.

Roshia, it turns out, is a woman with a dark past. For years, evidently, she has been sending the Boston Secret Service pictures, poems, and love letters, in addition to leaving them rambling phone messages. In 2004, Roshia upped the stakes, attention-wise, advising the Secret Service that “although her mission is to assassinate the president, she has no desire to hurt him.” Needless to say, the Feds have been keeping a close eye on her ever since.

The affidavit of arrest said Roshia knew where Obama would be staying, and that she had traveled to Hawaii “to protect Obama.” Here’s hoping Roshia will finally receive the help she needs and will leave the Obamas alone. For reals, don’t threaten our first family. [Newser]