Why Your Mom Wouldn’t Let You Wear Makeup

Contrary to popular belief, your mom wasn’t completely and totally trying to ruin your life when she said “No way Jose” when you wanted to start wearing makeup. She was merely responding to maternal intuition, because, turns out, all that mascara and lip gloss contains the kind of dangerous chemicals associated with cancer, infertility and hormone imbalance. And according to a new study by The Environmental Working Group, the younger a girl is when she starts caking it on, the greater the danger.

Great. And we thought all that smoking in the bathroom we did was bad for us.It’s not that grown women shouldn’t be concerned about the dangers of beauty products. But just like all the scary crap that we inadvertently ingest from common foods and inhale from pollution on a daily basis, what isn’t bad for you these days? The problem is that young teenagers tend to be more, shall we say, enthusiastic about their newfound beauty regimens. In fact, the Washington-based group found that teens tend to use around 17 beauty products a day, including nail polish and hair dye (which, apparently, might as well be concentrated poison or something), as opposed to adults who use 13 on average.

I guess those of us who slutted it up in blue eyeshadow in 9th grade are S.O.L. on this one. But for all the moms out there, now you can add makeup to smoking, underage drinking, unprotected sex, and the various other dangers you can lecture your girls about. Good luck with that. [Telegraph]