What Are Your Favorite Childhood Holiday Memories?

Annika and I were just reminiscing about the Christmas of our younger years, and we agreed that the holiday has evolved for us, from revolving around anticipation and presents to focusing on family and thoughtful gestures. And the traditions have changed, too.

Annika used to get up on Christmas Day around 6 a.m. and beg her mother to let her open presents. Her mom would first let her empty her stocking, then open one small present, and by 7 a.m., Annika would convince her mother to let her open them all. Talk about a persuasive child.

One of my favorite holiday memories from growing up is of eating breakfast in my parents’ bedroom. My mom would bring up a tray of toast and OJ (we weren’t allowed to go eat downstairs in the kitchen because then we’d see what Santa had brought us) so we’d be fortified for our day of unwrapping.

What are your favorite holiday memories and traditions from your younger years? Share them in the comments!