Girl Almost Goes Blind After A Routine Lash Tint And Other Salon Nightmares

In case you needed something else to worry about this holiday season, consider the case of a 26-year-old U.K. woman, Carly Lewis. She made a routine salon visit for a brow wax and a lash tint to spruce up before her Christmas vacation. Even though she’d had the lash-tinting procedure done before without incident, an instant allergic reaction occurred this time. Her eyes turned red, began to water non-stop, and became glued shut within minutes. As she was rushed to the hospital, she feared she would go blind. She’s been prescribed eye drops, antihistamines, and steroids to no avail. A week later, her vision is blurred and she is still out of work. Blood-curdling scream! [Daily Mail]

After the jump, more salon nightmares that might make you add “home haircut” to your Christmas list.

  • A few years back, a New Woman magazine reader posted a story about some hair extensions gone terribly wrong. After seven hours in the chair, 27-year-old Jayne Richardson emerged with a head of thick hair. The extensions looked hot for a while, but after two months later, her scalp started to itch. Then a big clump of hair fell out in the shower. Over the next few days, it continued to fall out and until she’d lost about half of her hair. She pulled what hair she had left in a ponytail and wore a hat as a disguise. Awful. [Mark Glenn]
  • This mother wrote an angry letter to on behalf of her green-haired daughter. She writes, “My daughter went in the salon to get her hair highlighted with blonde. She ended up getting her hair bleached not once but three times and her hair is fried and her scalp is red and highly irritated. She came home and her hair was GREEN with hints of orange. She went to work the next day and her manager had to send her home because so many people were staring and making comments on how ugly her hair was.” Green—good for frogs, bad for humans. [Planet Feedback]
  • A tanning shop in the U.K. was ordered to shut down after a teenage girl suffered severe burns on 70 percent of her body from tanning in an unmanned bed. This is not good news for the cast of “Jersey Shore.” [Daily Mail]

Have you heard of any true salon disasters?