Kim Kardashian Banks $10K Per Tweet!

When Kim Kardashian tweets about a company, she gets paid $10,000. Yep, unfortunately, you heard that right. I’ll repeat: Kim Kardashian makes $10K for a single tweet. Get angry. That’s more than I make in, like … err, nevermind. So, how can you make this much in 10 seconds? I dunno, but I can tell you how she does it. For whatever reason, Kim has 2.7 million followers. This got online advertiser interested. is a service that allows celebs on Twitter to put their money where their mouths tweets are. So when Kim writes, “The Carl Jr grilled chicken salads came out yesterday!! I’m on my way to Carl’s Jr for lunch now…have you tried them yet?” she makes $10K. I figured it out and that’s almost $417 per word. Ugh.

But wait, if Kim didn’t actually head to Carl Jr. to try their new whatever-it’s-called salad, can we sue her for false advertising? Maybe there are ways to make more than $10K quickly. Heh. [Advertising Age]