Indie Distilleries Are Marketing Home Brew Liquors—Spit Or Swallow?

Forget your fancy artisanal beers. The latest thing is indie distilleries, and they certainly pack a harder punch. Local absinthe breweries have caught the eyes of liquor connoisseurs ever since the U.S. became more lax and allowed the legal production of absinthe a few years ago. (And all this time, we were thinking we’d have to plan that trip to Prague if we ever wanted to taste the real “green fairy.”) While the idea of buying homemade booze may seem quaint, a description of one absinthe maker in the New York Times sounds more sketch: “She ordered a copper-pot still from Portugal that arrived with ‘decorative garden ornament’ written on the shipping label. Pierre Duplais’s bible of 19th-century distillation techniques became her best friend. She headed to her basement to concoct. Soon, the police were on constant patrol. ‘They probably thought I was running a meth lab,’ she said.”And over in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the hipsters are pedaling bottles of moonshine, distilled right in the trendy N.Y.C. neighborhood. So how is it? One of our spies says, “Looks like pee. Tastes like pee.” Although at 80-proof, it’s probably guaranteed to get you good and sloppy.

What do you think about the micro-distillery trend? Has anyone tried REAL absinthe? [New York Times and New York Magazine]