How To Get That Red Carpet Look

It’s no secret that celebrities have entire teams of experts that work tirelessly to make sure they look nothing short of stunning for public appearances like the red carpet and industry events where the paparazzi will be waiting. Sadly, mere mortals do not have the luxury of devoting entire days to their workout regimens, much less personal trainers and nutritionists at their beck and call. The average woman can’t remember the last time she got a facial (if ever), and if you make regular manis and pedis a priority then we say you’re doing pretty well. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t take a peek into the world of celebrity style and steal a few pro tips and tricks. Here’s how to get that glamorous red carpet radiance without the entourage.Exercise: Besides natural good looks, the reason stars look so great to begin with is because they’re most likely in the best shape of their lives. You would be too if you were paid partially based on your level of physical attractiveness. Even the most genetically blessed actors work out on a regular basis, and no two workouts are exactly alike. While Beyonce’s trainer Marco Borges puts her through his extensive signature Power Moves regimen, Matthew McConaughey can often be seen biking, running, and bongo playing (surely that burns some calories) in public. However they do it, trust us, they all work out, and often.

Diet: Jennifer Aniston famously ate nothing but Cobb salads for lunch everyday for years until she went on The Zone. Gwyneth Paltrow swears by a macrobiotic regimen. Britney Spears went through a junk food phase, but that didn’t work out so well, so she snapped back to a more Hollywood-friendly meal plan. The truth is celebs work with top nutritionists to accomplish healthy eating goals. While most of us can’t afford that kind of luxury, you can’t argue that there isn’t plenty of information out there if you’re interested in researching better nutritional habits. That said, we can’t promise that wading through all that conflicting info will be easy, and sticking to a diet is anything but!

Hair: If you think celebrities refresh their color with a box of Nice n’ Easy in the bathroom, think again. They have hair colorists who consider highlights an art form (and charge accordingly) on standby. And some of the top celebrity hair stylists in New York and Los Angeles charge up to $950 for a haircut! And while you’d think that kind of price tag would include a personal stylist to come blow your hair dry in the morning, nope, that’s extra. How’s the average gal going to compete? The best way to get a classy hairdo is to invest in a good cut. That doesn’t necessarily mean blowing a month’s rent on one at the salon owned by Angelina Jolie’s stylist Ted Gibson, but it does mean doing your research to find a talented local one who comes highly recommended, and shelling out a little more than you would for your typical Super Cuts job. When it comes to color, if you can’t afford the cost of highlight upkeep in money or time, choose a single process or don’t dye your hair at all and just opt for a gloss treatment to enhance your natural color and make it shine.

Makeup: Before making an appearance for the paparazzi, celebs do some serious prep work. Maintenance Botox, collagen, a spray tan and a deep cleansing facial are done about a week before the big event (for healing time), and the day of, celebs like Kate Winslet and Susan Sarandon might book a Rescultpting facial with Tracie Martin, who uses gentle electric currents to lend famous faces a highly photogenic, temporarily “lifted” look. To get skin looking absolutely flawless, a professional makeup artist will apply a highly pigmented foundation, and to get the most even coverage, many prefer to apply with an airbrush system, like Temptu. Bronzer goes on t-zones for a freshly sun-kissed look (Nars Orgasm is a favorite), and stars like Madonna swear by fake lashes by Shu Uemura to make eyes pop. Highlighter is applied to cheekbones and clavicles, and depending on how much skin is showing, body makeup and shimmer may be used. How else do you think J.Lo got that glow?

Clothes: The Old Hollywood secret is out. Stars use professional dressers to make sure they look their best. (The ones who don’t end up on the worst dressed lists and soon convert.) That’s because there’s an art to looking effortlessly gorgeous. Stylists help celebs choose ensembles that flatter their figures and minimize shortcomings. A low-cut dress might help draw the eyes to ample cleavage while distracting from less than stellar stems, and a full skirt with an empire waist can conceal a bloated belly. Nude-colored shoes on bare legs can give the illusion of length. Even color is a consideration. Pale brunettes like Marion Cotillard look amazing in jewel tones, while coffee-hued actresses like Halle Berry look divine in bright white. And of course, there are pro tools involved. Nippies (cups that cover nipples) come in handy for backless dresses, Spanx suck everything in, and fabric tape can help fake a perfect fit. While top stylists and their lucky clients have access to designer clothes that aren’t yet available to the public, we can take a few style lessons from them. Stick with shapes that you know flatter your body type, colors that look best on you, and keep styles classic and timeless to look more like a style icon and less like a fashion victim.

Secret Weapons: To make a sure a star looks perfect coming down the red carpet, there are pro tools involved. Nippies (cups that cover nipples) come in handy for backless dresses, Spanx suck everything in, and fabric tape can help fake a perfect fit. Of course, underarm wetness or white marks on a hot dress would be a fashion disaster. Try Degree Ultra Clear to prevent getting busted by the paparazzi!