Get Local, Organic Absinthe From This Awesome Chick

Since absinthe became legal in the U.S. two years ago, 13 distillers around the country have started producing the green fairy. But Cheryl Lins is, by far, the coolest. This little 56-year-old woman has the first absinthe distillery in New York State and is the only person in the entire country whose distillery is devoted exclusively to absinthe. She does everything—from growing the herbs and making the liquid to designing the label and taking her awesome alcohol to market. Many of the herbs Lins uses are local, organic and homegrown. Her absinthe is filled with wormwood stalks, fennel, anise, lemon balm, violet and other delicious things. She uses water from nearby wells and works from a little copper pot in her workshop, making only about 200 bottles per month. I think this is a pretty sweet gift and, as absinthe goes, this stuff isn’t that expensive. You can get it for around $80 in New York City. Too bad I’m all done with my Christmas shopping. Maybe I’ll just have to get some for myself. [NY Times]