The Disturbing Last Movies Of Stars Who Died Young

As the sad, eerie story of Brittany Murphy really only starts unfolding, Renegade Pictures has just released a trailer for her final movie, “Abandoned.” Brittany’s performance in it is pretty intense. She plays a woman under psychiatric evaluation whose husband has vanished. [Ace Showbiz]

Has anyone noticed that in show business, when stars die young, their last movie never seemed to be anything warm and fuzzy? After the jump, let’s look at the almost prescient movies of stars who died young.

  • Heath Ledger’s last movie, “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus,” is about a troupe of traveling performers who make deals with the devil and their audiences. Eerie. And the images of him from “The Dark Knight” were pretty shocking too, considering that he was already gone when it came out. [IMDb]
  • Aaliyah was a beautiful 22-year-old singer who played the queen of the dead, literally, in “Queen of the Damned.” She died in a plane crash before the movie was released. [Movie Fone]
  • Bruce Lee was 32 when he took a headache pill that caused a fatal cerebral edema. His final film, released five years later, was called “Game of Death. ” [IMDb]
  • Brandon Lee, Bruce’s tragically sexy son, died at 28, from an injury he received from a prop gun, while he played the title role in “The Crow,” about a post-apocalyptic murder victim who won’t stay buried. Yikes. [All Movie Portal]
  • Brad Renfro acted in the title role of “The Client” when he was 11. At 25, he died of a drug overdose, after filming his last movie, “The Informers,” with an ensemble cast of characters each facing some kind of addiction. [Celebitchy]
  • River Phoenix died an even younger overdose death. He expired on the sidewalk in front of the notorious nightclub the Viper Room. River was ninety percent done filming “Dark Blood,” but it was never released. [Movie Moron]
  • Judy Garland, troubled for years by substance abuse and an unhappy personal life, died of a drug overdose days after she turned 47. Her legendary last film, ” I Could Go On Singing,” was the story of a woman trying to get back the life she abandoned while pursuing fame. [Judy Garland Database]

What do you think? Don’t they all hit a little close to home?