Like A Support Bra For Your Toe Cleavage?

Right now, my feet are encased in tights, two pairs of socks, and huge boots in order to ward off the snowy slush coating the streets. Meanwhile, my pretty heels stare at me from their perch begging to be worn. But come spring it seems I’ll be wrapping my toes again, since there’s a new fashion accessory for feet, and it’s not toe cleavage. Instead of flaunting her little piggies, Vicki Kysella created Lingerie Toes because she just hated seeing her toe peds in flesh colors. So she started her own company called Voet Hosiery and began designing her mini socks. The coverings range in color, and retail for $14 per pair. We have to applaud her entrepreneurship, but we’re not totally sold on the need for toe decoration. Would you wear toe lingerie with your heels?