20 Gifts She Really Doesn’t Want For The Holidays

During the holidays, gift ideas abound. But if you’re a guy, you know shopping for a woman isn’t easy. And heaven forbid you get her the wrong gift. Then you get that look. And you might end up spending New Year’s eve alone. After the jump, the top 20 gifts a man should never, ever get a woman.

  1. Tampons.
  2. Anything that involves hair removal.
  3. A T-shirt that reads: “All my boyfriend got me for Christmas was this crappy T-shirt.”
  4. Any book with “For Dummies” in the title.
  5. Porn.
  6. A threesome.
  7. You wearing nothing but a strategically placed bow.
  8. A strap-on.
  9. Lube.
  10. A subscription to Sports Illustrated.
  11. Grand Theft Auto.
  12. A gym membership.
  13. Beer.
  14. Signed sports memorabilia.
  15. Anything from the drug store around the corner.
  16. Kitchen towels.
  17. A gift certificate to McDonald’s.
  18. Anti-Monkey Butt Powder.
  19. A gold plated nameplate necklace with your name on it.
  20. A rain check.