Today’s Lady News: Teen Pregnancy Is Out Of Control

  • Recent data from the Centers For Disease Control says that in 2007, the teen birth rate rose for the second year in a row. Births to moms ages 15 to 19 rose one percent between ’06-’07 and five percent between ’05-’07. Well, good job, abstinence-only sex ed. Thankfully, Congress recently allocated money to comprehensive sex ed, so teenagers will actually be educated about how their fun parts work! [NY Daily News]

  • Snowstorm be damned, yesterday 30 people gathered outside Ralph Lauren’s flagship store in NYC yesterday to protest the recent, absurdly Photoshopped model in this ad. [Jezebel]
  • Female ski jumpers lost a bid to compete in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. [Globe & Mail]
  • If you’re single this Christmas, you may as well shrivel up and die right now. At least what’s what the Daily Mail seems to be saying. Amanda Hess at The Sexist investigates! [The Sexist]
  • Look! The health care reform bill has made people pay attention to abortion rights, says a media outlet that doesn’t realize some people have been paying attention to abortion rights all along, but the media hasn’t paid attention to us. [AP]
  • You know how Sarah Palin complains about sexism in politics? (And with obnoxious stuff like this, who can blame her?) Check out this op-ed at the L.A. Times about sexism’s dirty history, specifically a race between California Congresswoman Helen Douglas and President Richard Nixon. [L.A. Times]

Yesterday in Today’s Lady News, “Sex & The City” actress Cynthia Nixon spoke up about how the health care reform bill will affect women.