Tera Patrick And Evan Seinfeld Press War: Take One

Tera Patrick and Evan Seinfeld were once dubbed the First Couple of Porn, so people were pretty shocked when they abruptly split last summer. In Tera’s new memoir, Sinner Takes All, she says that when she first met Seinfeld, he was an actor on “Oz” who had never made a skin flick but decided to join her in the industry. She quit in 2006—but he kept going. So this summer, she says that she gave him an ultimatum. “I said to Evan, ‘I’m your wife, and that is the strongest bond two people should have, and that should come first. I’ve moved on from porn. And I want you to stop. You promised me you’d only do porn for a few years. Your few years are up,'” she wrote. “My big point was this: Almost every couple in porn breaks up, and I didn’t want to be another porn statistic” He didn’t quit, so she ended the marriage. [NY Post]

Today, Evan told the Post his side of the story. “I’m disappointed in the way she’s handling things. It was a very amicable split, so this feels like a cheap shot,” he said. “The fact is Tera hates the industry. She’s not a sexual person. We barely had sex in our own marriage. She’s desperate to break into the mainstream, and just wants to generate press. I didn’t choose porn over her. Our marriage had a lot of holes in it, despite what she claims. I chose freedom.” [NY Post]

Let’s hope the back-and-forth ends here and that these two don’t take a page out of the Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen Playbook of Divorce.