Million Dollar Shoes Deemed Kind Of Crass During Recession

Sadly, the recession has nabbed another victim. Ever since 2002, Stuart Weitzman dreamed up an elaborate pair of shoes, sometimes diamond encrusted, other times ruby, priced around $1 million for one lucky Academy Award-nominated woman to wear to the big show. But in lieu of the world’s current financial crisis, the shoes are again a no-go. “While the Oscars will certainly still be a glamorous event, we feel this year — like we did last year — that it is still not appropriate to be extravagant,” Weitzman tells StyleList. “As such, we have decided not to create a ‘million dollar shoe’ for someone to wear to the 2010 ceremony.” Over the years, female stars including Laura Harring, Alison Krauss, Anika Noni Rose, Kathleen Bird York, and Regina King were the lucky ones chosen to wear the shoes, while “Juno” writer Diablo Cody notoriously refused, basically calling the whole thing a stupid PR scam. [Hahaha … But seriously folks, do these shoes look even slightly attractive? — Editor] [Stylist]