How To Shop For Jewelry. For Dudes.

It’s Dec. 22, which means there are exactly three days until Christmas. Freaking out because you’re still at a loss for gift ideas for the men in your life? If none of these gifts pleased you, and you’re braving the crazed malls this late in the game, Evan Yurman, son of designer David Yurman, has a bit of advice for you — on buying jewelry for men. Of course, he’s shilling for the Yurman brand, but these options can work for any budget, store, or style. And let’s be honest here: When it comes to buying boy bling, do any of us even have a clue where to start?While classic and understated pieces sometimes don’t always get the attention they deserve, they’re often times the best choice. An elegant watch is a perfectly iconic and lasting piece, which you can even personalize with engraving. Same goes for a classic key ring.

For the more fashionable guy, bracelets are apparently a must have this season. “From beads, to leather, to rubber, any kind of interesting design will show that you put some thought into their gift and not just any old bauble off the rack.” Who knew?

And if you’re still not satisfied with those options, pick up a pair of cufflinks to dress up your man’s suits. Now go run, get shopping! [Second City Style]