Do You Prefer Shopping In Private Or With Doting Sales Clerks?

Looking for free booze? Just head to your local luxury retailer, where they might just be offering shoppers—whether they’re your average Joes or loaded P. Diddies—a glass of bubbly when you walk in the door. According to the New York Times, many stores are experiencing attitude readjustments in an attempt to lure in holiday shoppers. So in snobby boutiques where sales clerks may have never given you a second look, you may now find that a shopgirl is ready to compliment, fetch, and wait on you. At Bergdorf Goodman, for example, “almost every person who has stepped through the gilded revolving doors … has been given a hero’s welcome, with an honor guard of doting sales associates.” But what if you don’t want all that? There are also the shopper who prefers to do her buying quietly, and could even back out of a purchase if a salesperson is too talkative or engaged.

So which do you prefer? Retailers who will roll out the red carpet (even if all you’re buying is a key chain)? Or do you feel more comfortable as an anonymous shopper? [New York Times]