Annika’s Best Posts Of 2009

While there are still a few days left in 2009, we’re going to feature some of our best and favorite posts from the last year. Each of your regular Frisky bloggers has picked out her 10 favorite posts from 2009—some you may remember well, others might have slipped past your radar. Either way, we hope you’ll relive the best of The Frisky in 2009. Next up: Annika!

I Wanna Dress Like “The Breakfast Club”

“Well, I don’t want to dress like all the characters from this classic from 1985, just Claire Standish (Molly Ringwald) and Allison Reynolds (Ally Sheedy).  They both have such distinct looks, yet their style can be reinterpreted for today.”

Timeline: Chris Brown & Rihanna’s Relationship

“Although he classifies himself as “single and ready to mingle,” Brown tells Us Weekly that he and Rihanna are just friends who have flirted a little, but haven’t taken things to the next level.”

Miss Manners: Public Restroom Etiquette

“Since we’re tired of seeing and hearing inappropriate things in the restroom, we thought we’d remind ourselves and you of public restroom etiquette. We’ll be posting this in the restroom down the hall.”

Barbie Has A Tramp Stamp

“This Barbie, like others, will not cause the downfall of our society. That’s up to the adults, who have started pointless wars, gotten rich on the backs of others, and set the beauty ideals that Barbie exhibits.”

Vogue’s Beyonce Cover — Racist?

“I’ve never met a black woman, or man for that matter, who didn’t enjoy a little something extra in the trunk and thighs. I’m not saying we should reinforce stereotypes that have some truth, but I think most people only find fault with this stereotype, when black women are hyper-sexualized as a result of their curves.”

I Wanna Dress Like: Jodie Foster In “Taxi Driver”

“Most women don’t want to dress like a 14-year-old prostitute from the ‘70s, but Jodie Foster’s look as Iris Steensma in “Taxi Driver” is rather tame and stylish by today’s standards.”

Black Hair: The Debate Untangled

“I’ve had my own trials and tribulations with the “creamy crack,” as chemical straightener is sometimes referred to in the black community, so choosing to leave my hair natural was a decision that came, well, naturally to me.”

Some Flaws Are Easier To Accept Than Others

“I never thought I’d say this, but I envy people like Paris Hilton and Kate Moss who’ve been known to go braless, tiny breasts and all, and still appear comfortable in the spotlight.”

WTF? Teacher Cuts Off First-Graders Braid In “Frustration”

“Since when is a teacher’s frustration or dislike of a student more important than the self-esteem and well-being of a child? I don’t understand how humiliation is now becoming an acceptable form of punishment.”

Tyra Banks Has No Business Discussing How Black Hair Affects Self-Esteem

“Hair is what you make it. And I’ve learned over the years that it’s irrational to think that every black woman should have natural hair. But the decision should be made based on personal preference, not because they’ve been conditioned to believe straight hair is more attractive than kinky hair.”