The 5 Reasons Why Women Should See “Avatar”

This weekend I went to see “Avatar,” James Cameron’s epic movie that has been, like, 12 years in the making. Originally I had no desire to see this film. Though I love a good sci-fi movie (I’m a proud “Star Trek” nerd), the trailer made it look hokey and I couldn’t for the life of me understand why anyone would do anything to obscure the hotness that is Sam Worthington. But then I read the glowing reviews from just about everyone and considering every movie I did desperately want to see was getting terrible marks — “The Lovely Bones,” “Nine” — I thought maybe I should quit trusting my own instinct and just see the damn movie already. My boyfriend was pressuring me anyway. And I’m glad I did and think you should too. Here are five reasons why women should see and will love “Avatar.” 1. Sam Worthington Is Hot: Seriously, even as a tall, lanky, manorexic-looking alien avatar with big hands and manga eyes, he’s effing hot. I found myself wondering what kind of alien man meat his avatar was hiding under that loin cloth.

2. The Women Kick Ass: There are a few “bad guys” in “Avatar” and they’re all the men — among them, the greedy politician (played by Giovanni Ribisi) who runs the humans’ occupation of Pandora and the blood-thirsty military commander who just wants to kill the natives no matter what. But the women in the film are all smart, revolutionary bad-asses. Sigourney Weaver plays a brilliant and compassionate scientist and Michelle Rodriguez is a defiant fighter pilot who refuses to kill the natives. Zoe Saldana plays Neytiri, the daughter of the natives’ leader, who teaches Worthington’s character, Jake, all about her tribe’s ways. In “Avatar” the women are not only the moral compass but also the fiercest fighters.

3. There’s A Love Story! And that’s what the ladiez love, amiright? No, seriously, if you saw “Titanic” and you actually cared about the romance between Jack and Rose, you’ll be moved by the love story of Jake and Neytiri. There’s even a sex scene! But I won’t spoil it and tell you if one of them dies in the end.

4. It’s Super-Duper Pretty To Look At: I saw “Avatar” in 3-D and was blown away. The special effects are literally beyond anything we’ve ever seen in the movies before — Cameron essentially had to invent the technology himself — and you don’t have to be a dork to appreciate it. Also, color scheme-wise, I seriously believe that Cameron was inspired by the great illustrator Lisa Frank. So much pink and purple and turquoise!

5. Braids Are Officially In: The natives all have these awesome, Crystal Gayle-length braids, which have weird tendrils that allow them to connect with the various animals and plants on the planet and share memories and brainwaves.