Rodarte For Target Already Mostly Sold Out Online

The much-hyped Rodarte for Target collection finally launched — and sold out — yesterday. By mid-day, almost every style was gone online, the good ones having disappeared in the wee hours of the morning. People were already marking up and selling Rodarte for Target pieces on eBay yesterday morning! Doesn’t that seem a little unfair since most shoppers didn’t even get a chance to order the collection at retail price in the first place?
Given the amount of press that went into promoting the project as well as the fast selling of previous collections, Target should have anticipated the rush and either produced more pieces or instituted order limits. Sure, the truly desperate would find their way around limits, but it would at least create some sort of barrier against people buying 15 skeleton dresses and selling them for $100 each the same day. Come on Target, save some bargain style for the rest of us!