Oh, Dear. Tila Tequila Might Be Pregnant!

Latest news from Tila Tequila’s vagina: the former star of “A Shot A Love” might be pregnant! Tila tweeted the announcement that she would carry a baby as a surrogate for her brother and his wife as a “Christmas present.”Really? Really? Girlfriend has been a major trainwreck lately. Just two weeks ago Tila announced that she and Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson were getting hitched and two weeks before that a Tila Tequila sex tape made the rounds. And who can forget back in September when she accused Shawne Merriman of choking her? Not excellent conditions to bring a wee one into the world.

It’s also muy weird that Tila tweeted her pregnancy literally right after she tweeted she was going to buy her parents a house in Vietnam. But hey, maybe she’s just in a (very) giving mood!