Lady Gaga’s 10 Most Memorable Outfits Of 2009

lady gaga best of g1 jpg
Lady Gaga has had a big year. In 2009, she attended numerous awards shows, performed around the world, sang “Speechless” for Queen Elizabeth II, released her second album, and continued her pantsless reign. And she did all this with a style all her own.

Lady Gaga, who considers herself a performance artist, wears a combination of high fashion and custom-made ensembles that are more costumes than outfits; she’s not someone you see schlubbing to Starbucks in sweats and Uggs like a lot of celebrities. With a philosophy that seems to be “dress up for Halloween every day of the year,” Lady Gaga certainly gave us something to talk about whenever she went outside. These are the 10 most memorable looks she wore in 2009.

Lady Gaga got down and bloody during her MTV Video Music Awards performance of “Paparazzi.”

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