Kate Hudson Laughs Off A-Rod Questions

Recently, Kate Hudson has been using an interesting technique to avoid answering questions about Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez: she laughs. We’re not sure when Kate Hudson’s episode of “Inside the Actor’s Studio” was taped, but we’re guessing it was before rumors started began swirling that she and Alex had split. In the above clip from tonight’s episode, host James Lipton asks her about A-Rod, and she giggles, saying, “It was a wonderful summer, a great, great, great fall.” And just a couple weeks ago, Kate laughed while trying to dodge David Letterman’s questions about the baseball player. “Yeah, He’s a friend of mine,” she said. “Nice guy.” Rather than actually answer the interviewers questions, Kate’s technique of laughing certainly keeps people guessing. Does the past tense in her “It was a wonderful summer, a great, great fall” line confirm that her and Alex’s love affair is over, or just that baseball season is over for the year?