Foul Play Not Suspected In Death Of Brittany Murphy

I know he’s not actually happy about it, but something tells me Tiger Woods isn’t crying too many tears over Brittany Murphy’s tragic death at the young age of 32. After all, up until the news of her passing came out yesterday, his name had dominated headlines for the last two weeks. Seriously, up until this second, I kind of forgot about Tiger for about 24 hours. Anyhoo, here’s the latest information about Brittany Murphy.

  • The L.A. County Coroner’s Office says that at first glance it appears that Murphy died of “natural causes” and that they don’t expect foul play. Sources tell TMZ that Murphy was suffering from “flu-like symptoms” at the time of her death and that there were no illegal drugs found in the house, though there were a lot of prescription meds to be found. [TMZ]
  • Murphy’s husband, Simon Monjack, reportedly did not want an autopsy done on his late wife, whom he married in May 2007. So who is this guy? Gawker and Media Elite both attempt to answer that question.
  • According to TMZ, an autopsy is already under way. [TMZ]
  • Here’s the actress’s last interview, given to MaximoTV at the premiere of “Across The Hall” on Dec. 1. I’m not a doctor, but while she looks lovely, she seems totally out of it. [YouTube]