Beauty Test Drive: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser

A couple of weeks ago, my friends over at Maybelline asked me to come over and check out what they’ll be launching for spring. While I was definitely feeling the juicy-looking tubes of lip gloss (how plump everyone’s lips will look!), mega mascara and seriously pretty new shades of eyeshadow (how gorge they’ll make our eyes!), I will always be a true sucker for great-looking skin, so it was their new foundation product that led me into makeup artist Kerry Malouf’s chair. It started innocently enough–we were just chatting away about the new product when I told her my great big sob story: “All this stress and holiday running around is making my skin look like crap.” So she invited me to sit down and let her fix me up, and, well, people, am I glad I took her up on it. In fact, I’m not even a foundation wearer, but this new Instant Age Rewind Eraser is so dope that I’ve seriously started to change my ways. Here’s a preview and why I think you’ll like it too. First off, the Eraser has a unique delivery system. Kerry explained to me that the sponge helps to ensure more even-toned product distribution, and as she applied it, I could see instantly that it was lightening, brightening and covering my skin up in all the right ways. The sponge itself is as soft and smooth as the noticeably silky formula, which is partly thanks to an infusion of antioxidant goji berry and collagen. While many professional makeup artists I know have sworn to me that Maybelline foundations are pretty extraordinary (lots of them love that Dream Matte mousse line), I’ve never been so impressed by one as this.

Then again, there’s often a huge difference between the way you look after a talented makeup artist has done your face and the result you get when you try to recreate that former glory on your own. Kerry gave me the product she opened and applied on my face to take home and try, and I’ve been using it religiously since. Here’s why the honeymoon phase hasn’t ended: It goes on smoothly and easily, makes my skin feel so soft, and takes less than five minutes to make it look pretty damn near flawless. No joke, I’ve been getting some nice compliments every time I have it on. Plus, it has sunscreen in it, so that’s an added benefit and helps me get out of the house faster in the mornings.

Oh yes, and the fact that it will cost $12.99 and be available at the drugstore when it comes out next February means it’s a beauty addiction I can afford. If you’re in the market for a new foundation early next year, I highly recommend it. It’s impressive.