10 Hottest Nerds Of The Decade

nerds andy samberg jpg
When I think of the “nerds” from my childhood, I think of Steve Urkel, Screech, and all characters played by Anthony Michael Hall. Ummm, no thanks. Luckily, a whole new kind of nerd emerged in the 2000s—the nerdy guy who is actually smoking hot once you take away his Dungeons and Dragons gamers’ guide. It was hard to choose just 10 nerds who got my pocket protector thumping this decade. But here are my picks for the hottest nerds of the decade.

Let’s start with Andy Samberg. I’ll never forget that wonderful evening in 2005 when “Saturday Night Live” aired a sketch called “Lazy Sunday” where two nerds rap about “The Chronicles of Narnia.” Only Andy was the dreamiest rapping nerd I had ever seen. With that Jew-fro and that sense of humor, he is certainly a contendah for my fave nerd eva! Word!

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