Cate Blanchett Was Goth?

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that blonde, blue-eyed beauty Cate Blanchett went through a goth phase. Really? I mean, I went through one, too, but I never would have expected that from prim and proper Cate. When asked in an interview about how her beauty regime has changed over time, Blanchett admitted, “I’d go to bed with my makeup on if I’d been out. And I went through a big gothic phase, so my pillow was always covered in black mascara and white pancake makeup.” Never would have guessed.

After the jump, some more unexpected celebrity phases.

  • Can you picture the goddess Beyonce as an ugly, chubby 11-year-old? No way. But she claims that was the case. “When I was around 10 or 11, my mother gave me this really ugly haircut and I was really, really chubby. So chubby that my family used to lay me down flat so they could zip up my jeans. It took four of them and I would lie there on the bed while they all got to it,” she said. I demand to see pictures, B! [I’m Not Obsessed]
  • Zachary Quinto of “Heroes” is totally hot now, but before he was preparing to play Dr. Spock, he was busy impersonating Don Johnson. When he was ten he was obsessed with “Miami Vice.” He says of his style, “I went through a serious phase where I walked around dressed like Don Johnson: linen pants with an oversize blazer and no shirt.” That couldn’t have been cute. [MSN]
  • Corbin Bleu played a basketball star in “High School Musical,” but in middle school he was anything but a popular jock. “I was a bit of a chubby kid and I was wearing very large, printed-patterned shirts and looked like Tony the Tiger. Then I went through my weird punk rock goth phase—black and spikes.” Patterned tees, and tigers, and spikes? Oh my. [NY Daily News]
  • Jessica Simpson has certainly gone through many “man” phases, many “body” phases, and many “musical style” phases, but did you know she went through a huge poetry phase? Her hairdresser and close friend Ken Paves told Marie Claire, “Years ago, [Jessica] went through this poetry phase, so we went to a little bookstore in Los Feliz. She had her hair pulled back, looking like Bookworm McGillicutty, and we were standing in line, and this girl says to Jessica, ‘Please don’t take this personally, but you look like a really smart version of Jessica Simpson.’ And Jessica busted out laughing and said, ‘No, she’s beautiful. Thank you.’” My point exactly. Jessica reads? [Marie Claire]
  • Joel Madden is husband to Nicole Ritchie and father to Harlowe and Sparrow now, but it appears that he went through a bit of a dude phase back in high school. After bleaching his hair blond, he told Glamour, “I went through a phase in high school where I thought guys with bleached tips were, like OMG, toooootally the hottest thing ever—phase being the key word there.” Ummm … are we supposed to read between the lines, Joel? [Glamour]